Saturday, February 17, 2018



                                           PEACE and QUIET

       I was sitting there in a typical camping chair with web straps on the seat and back. I was half awake and just a little more than half asleep (is that possible?). My wife Angie was in the trailer trying to get things in order after our arrival a short time ago.
   We had arrived at our favorite camping spot about noon on Tuesday. Years ago we spent many weekends here in this wonderful camping spot. However each year more and more people had found out about it and came on the weekend for a couple of day’s relaxation. Now on the weekend there were so many people here you could hardly find a place to park, or put up a tent, or at times even a place to put up a folding table and chair.
   So we had opted for Tuesday through Friday and it was like a completely different place during those times.
   (But I have got sidetracked here.) As I said we got here on Tuesday, parked the trailer, put up the canopy, and camp tables and chairs. We were ready for some Big Time camping and relaxation. 
   We have been camping here for years and it it is hard to explain the draw that keeps bringing us back to this spot. Of course the scenery of Mother Nature is one of the main attractions. It is hard to explain natural beauty like this, without your actually being there to look at it.
   The high mountain meadows, with aspen leaves, gold coated in the Fall, surrounded by green pines and a myriad colors and kinds of flowers in the Spring. Add a small patch of snow under a group of pine trees with water trickling into a small creek, as it grows larger and larger as it flows downstream. I guess this is a lot of what draws us back?
    I suppose there are all kinds of people? Some are desert rats, and some love the ocean's  and some like snow and some like rain, but my wife and I have always been mountain lovers. Of course we were a lot more active when we were younger and we could hike, but no matter our age or activity level we still love the peaks, streams, lakes and meadows of the mountains. 
    But I have digressed again, --- and this trip was to be a little different. We got our trailer all set up, had a cup of Hot Chocolate and went to bed.
   The next morning (early) we heard a rambunctious noise a short way from our camp site. I looked out the window, and you could imagine my shock , when I saw a young Mom pull up to a spot right below us. There were two kids in the pick-up truck with her. A boy and a girl, who looked to be about 10 or 12 years old. The pick-up was packed to the hilt with a tent, stove, a canopy and what in my younger day I would call a zillion boxes of of assorted sizes and shapes. I almost passed out on the site-- but what really happened was I just sat down on a log with my head in my hands and said,"OH NO! WHY ME.!'    

   What is going to happen to our tranquility? There goes our peace and quiet! One thing was obvious however, and that was it was obvious they had done this before. It was almost like a military set up. As soon as they got out of the pick-up the young Mom yelled, "remember the rules." I never did find out what the rules were. However every one else must have known what they were because she never had to repeat that call to action. As soon as they heard it there was no fuss  or argument. Everyone started unloading the truck and they seemed to put everything in an assigned place near by. It was almost like it was pre-planned, or they had done it so many times they knew exactly what they were doing without thinking about it.        
   When it looked like they were about ready to "pitch the tent", my wife stepped to our trailer door and gave me my first lecture of the week. She had always been a kind outgoing person, and it sounded like this was going to be a typical week (for her). She said, "Dad maybe you should go over and ask if they need any help putting up their tent. I'll bet that young Mom would appreciate it." Of course she almost always got her way with me, just by giving me one of her loving smiles, that she was known for.
   I shuffled over to the "tent pitching" and asked if I could be of any help? The boy immediately answered, "No thank you sir, we have everything under control, but thank you very much for asking." I just about passed out. Nobody had called me sir for a long time , and not to many had said thank you?
   I asked what his name was and he told me it was Robert, but everybody called him Bob. He also told me his Mom was Carley and his sister was Lillian, but she was called Lilly.
   Just as I was telling him my name was Wally and my wife was Angie, his Mom walked up. She commented that it looked like we were all acquainted and thanked me for being so friendly and coming over to introduce us. Bob made sure I knew they would have to call me Mr. Wally or they would be in trouble when their Dad came, in a day or so. Lilly explained that their Dad made them call any OLD person Mr. or Mrs.. Well I laughed and said,"Well I guess that tells me what category I fit in. Lilly chimed in with, "yup, you do Mr. Wally, but I'll bet you are a nice man, like my Grandpa is. Well. I thought to myself, these kids sure know how to get on my good side in a hurry.
   I went back to the trailer and they went back to work. It took them a while, but it looked like they had everything under control and operational. It was not to long after that, it got real quiet and it looked like they were getting settled in for the night.
   They all went inside the tent, The lantern was turned down low, and I heard the beginning of a low murmuring. I looked at my wife and said, "If I was not so surprised I would think they are saying a prayer." Angie looked at me and said in her smiling way, "You would know for sure they are, if you would turn you hearing aids up?"
   We sat in our chairs under the awning, next to the trailer a short time and then got up to go into the trailer. As we went in Angie said,"aren't we lucky to have a nice young family camp so close to us. I had forgotten how nice it was to have some kids voices around?" Well, Wally was not sure how nice it was going to be but so far it had been just fine. As they went in the trailer, he mumbled, half to himself, "I guess we will know if they start yelling and screaming and running around at 6:00 o'clock in the morning. And Angie just looked at him and said, "Did you say something"--then she just smiled at him.  
   Well you could not imagine my surprise the next morning when I looked out the trailer window. There Angie, Bob and Lilly set at our table, under our awning and playing a board game and drinking hot chocolate, which I an sure Angie had just made for them.
   I got dressed and was tinkering around the trailer when I heard a knock on the door. I went over and there stood Bob. He was standing on one foot and the other and twirling his thumbs while looking at the floor. I asked if he wanted to come in  and he said he "guessed he did." We sat at the table and he got all the preliminaries out of the way--- He asked if I slept well---how blue the sky was--did Angie always get up before I did, was I really an Old Bear when I first got up---  it was obvious he had been coached a little. He explained he had asked Angie something and she said he would have to ask Wally. Then he just blurted out--- "Will you and Mrs. Angie come over and eat dinner with us tonight?"
   Just watching the misery he went through, jut to ask me that, how could I say anything but "of course, we would be happy to, and thanks for inviting us," Then Bob went on to explain that we were going to have brat-wurst, that was made by an old German Man who lived by them and it just had to be the best in the world. He also told us no one liked Sour Kraut so we would have sheepherder fried potatoes with the Brat.        
   Well we did go to dinner that evening with them and indeed it was delicious. It really may have the best Brat-wurst I have ever eaten, and I did not tell them that Angie did not like Brat-wurst!
   The next day we visited off and on. They went fishing and Carley waved at us as they left camp and came back "with a mess of fish" and big smiles on their faces. They spent a lot of tome just riding around in the pick up truck. It reminded both Angie & I that our family used to do that when we were younger. We used to stand in the back of the truck and look for deer. When someone spotted a deer they would pound on the top of the truck, the driver would stop, and we would watch the deer, until he got tired of entertaining us and either strolled or ran off into the trees. We also got some great pictures in those days and I noticed Bob had a camera, so I suppose they did also.  
   We visited Thursday and I took Bob and Lilly to a special little stream, that I used to fish in. However after walking the river banks for an hour or so Bob informed me that they would really rather fish in the lake, because it was not as much work and the fish were bigger.
   All five of us went on a ride in the afternoon. Angie, I and Carley squeezed in the truck seat and Bob and Lilly in the bed of the truck. Bob and Lilly wanted to show us some "beaver houses" and Bob explained to us how the Beavers built their own houses, and all about how they were constructed. He actually did a good job and knew a lot more about them than I thought a kid his age would know.
   Theodore (or Ted, as he asked to be called) pulled into the camp spot about 6:00 PM driving a SUV that looked like it had been rode hard , and put away wet-- Well it would have if it was a horse.
   We all got introduced and Ted invited us all over for dinner. It seems Ted wanted us to be introduced to the Best Brat-Wurst made in the USA. No one said anything about it until we were through eating and Bob said, "well Dad it was good but not as good as Mom cooked last night." Ted got a funny look on his face and then he realized what was going on and we all laughed about it off and on the rest of the evening.     
   We were talking after dinner and I commented that it was nice that he got away from work early so he could get here earlier that expected, to be with his family'
   While we were visiting I asked Ted what kind of work he did. Before he could answer Bob informed me that that his Dad took care of all the stuff where he worked. I looked at Ted and asked if he was the Maintenance Supervisor or what? He answered yes he was something like that, and yes he did take care of the problems so everything kept running smoothly. 
   It was getting late and we were leaving early in the morning so we all went to our portable bedrooms, in the mountains, and called it a day.
   We got up and had breakfast and then tied everything down in the trailer, and got ready to leave. Our new found friends all came by to say good bye, and wish us a safe trip. Ted also told us his last name was Blackstone, and I thought it was strange, after all the time we spent together we had never knew his last name. 
   He also told us that as we came off the mountain there was a mid-size town by the name of VELCOM. He suggested we stop at the gas station/convenience store and try some of their German Pastry as it is without a doubt the best in the United States. He laughed a little and waved goodbye as we left. 
   We did stop at VELCOM and the pastry was delicious, perhaps it was even the best we had ever tasted. I still think it had some kind of liqueur in it? 
   We also found out that indeed Ted was the maintenance man, where he worked, but he was also the President of a very profitable Construction Company. When Ted and Carley got married they had decided the wanted to raise their children in a smaller town. They bought a small struggling Construction Company and built it into a large regional company that was doing exceptionally well. And as Ted and Bob were both correct in Ted's job assignment, Ted and Carley did everything themself until they started to grow.
   And did we ever see them an the camping sight again? yes but only a couple of       times. And we stayed up each time and visited almost all night.
   And who run the Service Station--of course it was Carley's Mom and Dad.
   And who made the best Kraut & Pastry-- of course it was Mom and Dad.
And Angie reminded us every time we got together that the first words out of my mouth when I first saw them was were "OH NO! WHY ME!"

Wally Baldwin
17 February 2018



Friday, January 26, 2018

Grandpa's Magic Memories


Grandpa’s come in various ages, and dispositions,
And Grand Children do the same it seems?
Many times they grow up together,
But Grandpa’s have the most fun it seems.

You can tell a Grandpa is really happy with a Grand Child on his lap.
It is a little harder to tell, when you check his room and he is having a nap?
Many Magic Smiles fill a Grandpa’s happy face,
Because a Grandson just won a Grandpa “hot foot” race.

I know a Grandpa whose Granddaughter came to whisper in his ear,
“Grandpa I really love you, and I am so glad you are here!”
He grabbed his “pocket hankie” and rubbed his nose and eyes,
And said “I must have an allergy”, or at least I do surmise.

Every life has Magic Moments, so grab them and hold on fast,
If you wait too long and don’t act fast, the memory will just fly past.
I have found many moments, that pop up in the night.
Sometimes that happened years ago, but still gives you a fright.

You explain the teacups at Disneyland you would not care to ride.
You explain that the Breakfast you had, You want to stay inside!
All at once your beautiful Granddaughter is standing by a young man,
There by the Altar they have taken Vows, too love each other as best they can.

And even before you know it, amid the strife and trials of life,
The Grand Daughters and sons, have walked the aisle as Man & Wife.
And the circle now starts anew for Grandpa and his GREAT’S,
And it will not be long till Grandpa, has a whole house full of Mates.

16 Jan 2018 WRB

Monday, January 15, 2018



I am sure this song has different memories for different people.

   My Sister and I do a lot of things together since both of spouses have passed away. She came by my house yesterday an announced her arrival by honking her horn, as usual.
   I grabbed my jacket and hat and went out and jumped crawled into her car. After a few minutes of discussion we decided we were just going on a little ride to get out of the house. We could not decide where to go , so I told her, since she was driving she would have to choose our destination.
   We left my driveway and headed North  and when I asked her where we were going she said,"I don't know, I will tell you when we get there." 
   It was a beautiful Winter day. No Snow, blue sky, a few puffy white clouds and my "Android" informed me it was 54 degrees where we were located. It was a perfect day for a little ride.
   We drove around and looked at a lot of new building that was going on in the business part of the city. Then we drove up and looked at some of the million $ homes where "the other half lives."
   From there we thought it only fair to drive down to the Rio Grand area, where there are a lot of people living and struggling, for many different reasons, just to get by from day to day. 
   From there my Sis says,  Well what now?" I did not know if it was warm enough or not, but I said O.K., lets go get a Milk Shake, and we were off to find an ice cream store, that we were both sure we knew  the location of. Well we did not find it, so we were off to find a different one-- no luck there either. Finally I told her I know for sure where there is one and I KNOW it is open. After all the Iceberg is almost ALWAYS open. We went to the Iceberg (in the winter??) and ordered two of their smallest shakes (which were HUGE.) We pulled the car a little ways from the store and parked close to the bus stop to enjoy our shakes.  
   There was a lady and a little girl about 6 age or so, with 3 or 4 big bags, sanding by the Bus Stop, presumably waiting for the bus.
   My Sister and I laughed, talked about the old days, world conditions, POLITICS, old friends and a lot of other things while we worked on consuming our large shakes.
   We noticed the sun was waning to the west and was starting to disappear and it was also turning cooler. We had been watching the lady and the little girl, and they had been watching their watch.
   My sister looked at me and said, "Do you think we should ask them if the want a ride home." They were both shivering and yes I did think we should ask them.
   She pulled the car up about six or eight feet and rolled the window down and asked her if we could give her a ride home?
   Well the ladies frowning worrying face immediately turned from worry, to a full faced smile, as she sad, "Oh yes, my, Yes that would be absolutely wonderful, thank you, oh thank so much. The little girl was jumping up and down saying, oh can we, can we, of thank you, and I noticed she also had changed her frowning face to a very big Happy Face.
   When they had got their bags, boxes and themselves into the car, we found out they had only lived in Utah a short time. They had come from Florida, when he got a job here. They had only lived here a short time, but he liked the people he worked with and it seemed like everyone was really friendly here.
   We also found out they only lived a short distance from my house so we delivered them right to their door.
   Again as the got out of the car they both thanked us profusely. We really had not done much, and only went a short way farther then we had to go, to get to my home.
   As we drove off my Sister commented that she was really happy that we had decided to ask those people if they wanted a ride. She also commented how gracious they were and that we just came along at the right time.Then she commented,"wasn't it great that by doing a little thing you can make so many people happy?"
     So was it a coincidence we could not find an Ice Cream Shop up town that was open?
     So was it a coincidence that we decided to drink our Shakes by the Bus Stop, instead of going to a park to eat like we usually do?
     So why did it make so many people happy. Not only the ones in need, but the givers also.

I guess' Little Things Really Do Mean A Lot', and usually more than we realize. 

The only thing I regret is when I got home I did not give the little girl one of my special $1.00 bills.
   Maybe that can be another Blog?

W.R. Baldwin 15 January 2018 

Thursday, December 21, 2017


Why did you go.
Why did you leave me all alone.
I know you did not want to go, as you had told me,
But it seems like the plan is for all of us.
It seems everyone on this old earth has to go,
And there are so many ways it can happen.
Some are accidents.
Some happen at work or play.
Some will happen tomorrow I hear.
It could even happen yet today, I fear.
It happens to family and friends I know.
Some of us go in misery, sorrow and rage,
And some of us go when we reach a certain age.
Do some go so quick?
Why do some go, not knowing they’r sick?
Why do some lie in bed and suffer and grieve
And why do some whisper I am ready to leave,
As someone sits by their bed and holds their hand,
As they slip off quietly into nether, nether, land.
We as humans
Talk about going or not
We don’t have a choice, to go or not.
If we do our best—the VERY BEST we can,
We will end up in Heaven with the son of Man. 

Wednesday, December 20, 2017


When I first wrote this "Blog" (picture above-there were five great grands) it was entitled "The Little's" or "The Great Grands". Then in Sept 2017 we had an additional "Great Grand" and now I call them my six-pack.
   Hi, Bella, welcome to the "Great's" AKA "THE SIX PACK".  (Picture Below).

Sept 2017

Monday, December 18, 2017

The World Almost Came To An End


   The world almost came to an end today. It started off as just a normal day. I awoke (much later than I used to.) I went through my early morning routine, which I have been doing in one form or another for 70 or 80 years. Yes-- it has changed a little, off and on over the years but not very much.
   Not to digress--- I did the just out of bed thing. (Make the bed) I had been taught by my Mother to never leave a bed unmade. She never explained why you shouldn't, but only that a death in the family or a world catastrophe should supersede  making your bed. 
   On to my morning,---get dressed---turn up the heat on the furnace---have some breakfast---load up my pockets like a pack mule with (wallet, keys, cellphone, house keys in case the garage door does not work, throat lozenges to take care of an old nemesis, 'dry mouth syndrome' and finally a clean pure white handkerchief from the dresser drawer. I opened the drawer and "WHAT?"--NO HANDKERCHIEF! That is impossible! I always have clean white Hankies in my drawer--ALWAYS!
   After my initial panic I get myself back together and remember I always keep a clean "hankie" in the coat I wear to Church on Sunday. I give a sigh of relief and head for the closet. I open the door and reach for the suit coat and almost feel relaxed , until I realize there is no "hankie" in the coat pocket. I actually start to relax as I reach for the other suit coat, but alas, tears almost start to fall from my eyes as I realize there is not a "saving hankie" in that coat either.  
   Woe is me.--- what can I do? I cannot go out without my "hankie", surely the world might come to an end? The apocalypse must be starting? Could I get to a store and buy a "hankie"before it is to late?---of course not, that would mean I would have to go outside without my handkerchief.
   Then a light blinked on in my head---my Gray Matter went into "action mode" and I seemed to hear a voice say---You have a suitcase full of White Clothes  in the back bedroom closet and you know there will be a "clean white handkerchief" there. I hurried to the bedroom and looked and behold there in the suit case was a clean handkerchief laying on top of the clothes. I grabbed it and put it in my pocked and guess what?----- 
   No end of the world today! I went and got in the car and quickly drove to the MacDonald Gourmet Breakfast shop for breakfast.
   I think I had quit sweating and was quite rational by the time I had finished eating. --- I had survived (an almost tragic) end of the world, and vowed I would NEVER let happen again, because of a lack of a "Hankie".

18 December 2017     

Monday, November 13, 2017


                I LIKE PEOPLE
  I like people, at least the vast majority of them that I have met. Yes there may be a few that are hard to like and probably a very few that are impossible to like. Never the less I like talking to them no matter if they are neighbors, friends, relatives or just strangers I meet on the street in my everyday comings and goings
   And most people respond to your liking them by responding back with a kindly    “hi” or “hello’ or “have a good day.”
   I recall many years ago I said “Hi” to an older man and it started up a conversation that my wife said went on FAR too long. She said she really did not have to listen to his whole life story However I liked talking to him and he seemed to be happy just sitting at the table next to us and visiting.


   Another adventure we had in a mall was when we were quite a bit older. My wife and I were walking in the Mall, (we did that quite often) and of course I had said Hi, or nodded my head to a couple of people , and my wife looked at me and said,” do you really think they like to talk to strangers?” Of course I told her yes I did think that was the case with most people. Of course that was many years ago also. I laughed and told her I would prove it to her.
   I asked her to pick any person in the Mall and I would have a conversation with that person. She looked around and picked out an older gentleman sitting on a bench with a frown or perhaps you might even say a scowl on his face, and a cane in his hand. She directed me to him, and said grinning, OK he looks like a good prospect.
   We walked over to him and I asked if my wife and I might sit on the bench with him for a few minutes. He immediately slid over toward the end of the bench ad said, ”of course.”  I told him even we younger people need a rest once in a while. He grinned ‘a little’ and said, “Ya I suppose so.”
   After sitting a minute I asked him if I could ask him a question. He told me of course I could ask but he would not guarantee that he would give me an answer.
   I told him his cane was beautiful and obviously homemade and I wondered if he had made it himself. Well he grinned  and his whole face turned into a smile.
   Of course he then told us how he goes to the mountains or streams close by and gets the material for the canes, and that yes indeed he did make them himself. He went on to say that it gave him something to do, and even if he said so himself, they turned out pretty good looking. It was obvious that he was proud of his canes.
   We talked a little more about job’s, families, cars and a lot of other things, until  my wife said, “I think we better be on our way dear.”  As I stood up the old gentleman was smiling and said, ”If you come walking again and see me, stop and say hi. I have enjoyed these few minutes.”
   As we got a little way down the Mall, my wife turned and looked at me and said, “OK you win.”
   If there is such a thing as a certified people watcher I and my wife should have a certificate.
   When we were first married we did not have much money to spare, after all the bills were paid, and there was no such thing as a TV, Computer, which means we also did not have thousands of dollars worth of Electronic Games.
   So we developed the people watching or animal watching pass-time. We would try and guess what car they were headed for to get in, or what restaurant, or what store they were going to. These guess’s were usually based on how they were dressed.
   One thing we did a lot was to go to a movie at one of the air conditioned up town theaters. Many times we thought we were pulling a fast one, as the movies were played over and over all day and we would stay in the cool theater and watch it 2 or 3 times in the air conditioned building and we only had to pay once.
   We went and watched, and fed, the ducks on the ponds around the valley, and yes we did meet some other young couple doing the same thing. We would talk and laugh at our kids and the ducks and then go home and probably never see those people again, but we had been able to get out of the house, meet some new people and relax, even if only for a short time.
   I especially like teen agers. They are the vitality and hope, showing us what this country can become. They are full of energy, new ideas and have the intestinal fortitude to bring their ideas to fruition.

   Of course just like adults, some (most that I know) are easy to get to know and talk to if we make a little effort.

 I recall at one time in my life I was teaching a class if teenagers and I had one that had to comment on everything I had to say. This went on for some time until one day I said, ”Tom, if I study real hard do you think I will ever get to know as much as you do?” His facial features changed about three times in three seconds—first Mad, then a little smile, then a big grin. He then said, “I doubt it but it wouldn’t hurt to try. Well amazingly there were no more distractions in the class and every time I passed him in the hallway, I would tap him on the shoulder and ask him if he was still studying hard. He would always answer back, “yes I am, I do not want you to catch up with me.” Then we would smile or laugh at each other. Somewhere along the line we become good friends.
   I do not recall where I read it but I know it was written by a man named -- Disraeli-- and I really like it. “The youth of a nation are the trustees of posterity.” So I hope the youth of our nation are getting ready to solve the problems that they inherit when the people my age pass on!
      At times I did not know if I would survive my own teenagers until they grew up and I suppose that feeling will go on until we ARE all perfect. And yes I think that DAY will happen.  
   I used to do something that made my wife think I had lost my senses. I never did get in trouble but I got quite a few of “those looks” at times. It was always interesting to wear a U of U sweatshirt to a BYU football game and then sit right in the middle of the BYU side of the stadium. There were people that I thought were just kidding, but I really found out they thought I was doing something sacrilegious?
   One time in Disneyland (where it seemed we went every year for a few years), one of the rides had a sign that said, “you cannot ride this ride unless you are this tall’ Then there was measuring board next to the gage to stand up to and see if you were the right height. It was about three foot tall. I went over to the booth and asked if there was anyone that could ride with my kids because I was A LOT taller than the sign? She looked at me with a funny look on her face, then she started laughing and so did I. She says no one has ever pulled that one on her before.

   I like young children, and yes some are easier to like than others. Actually as I have said above, I try to like everyone, but I have a real tender spot for young people. I guess at my age a young person could be anyone under 50, but of course I am talking about pre-teen children. Are they a challenge at times---of course they are, but they are so smart, so inquisitive and so busy, that if you really try to get to know them, you can’t help but like them, And of course my being a grandpa, if I don’t get along with them I can just tell them I have to go home. That works every time.
  For about 25 years I have been keeping what I call “my little black book.” It contains some of the things that my grandchildren have said over the years. I will not mention any names but here are a couple of classics.
   One of my grandchildren came to visit us and while they were here they told me about a new chair they had at their pre-school. They call it a power “seat”. If you are naughty you have to sit on it.  Of course me being the good grandpa I said, “I’ll bet you don’t ever have to sit on it.” They immediately responded, like I had insulted them, with “OH YES I HAVE GRANDPA, A LOT OF TIMES.”
   My wife and I were tending one of our granddaughters and trying to correct her for something she had done and we were not getting very far. We even commented as to how our grandkids might turn out? That all became insignificant when she climbed up on my lap and said grandpa I want to whisper to you. So I put my ear down and she said, ”grandpa I love you.”
   I picked up one of my grandkids one day and he was so skinny I said, “you feel like nothing but skin and bones.” Without a moment’s hesitation he looked up at me and said, “well grandpa you feel like nothing but fat & bones.” “Out of the mouth of babes.”
   Although I like teen agers and I love toddlers, I like a lot of people of all ages. Of course we will never know if we will like them or not unless we do like an old saying—“try it you might like it.”
   Is it strange, a coincidence, or just logical that the people we like the most seem to be the ones who like the same things we do.
   I grew up in a generation where our immediate and extended family, were some of our best friends. I guess that is still somewhat true but not as tightly knit as they used to be.
   I am old and OLD FASHIONED, but I do like people and I especially love my family. SO------ I started a tradition a few years ago to help us get to know each other even better than we did.
   It started off,  by one person writing a letter to any other person in the family. The letter could be on any subject and sent to any family member they chose. They also send along the letter they received. We have been doing it for a couple of years now and in MY TEEN AGE VENACULER, it has been “a blast.”
   I understand the package of letters going around now is about ½ inch thick and has been to 20 or 30 different people, some more than once.
   The only disadvantage I have found is that you only get to read ALL THE LETTERS when the package comes back to you—AND I AM NOT A REAL PATIENT PERSON.
   Well this Blog has wiggled and waggled around for way longer than I planned. However that is how I do my blogs. A person, a thought or idea comes to my mind and ---off I go.
    Enough about people and the fact I like them. I guess I need to go find someone to HUG. (family joke)

WRB 13 Nov 2017